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Janamukti Anusthan(JMA) is a non-governmental organization established in 1996-97. It works in socio-economically vulnerable blocks of Bolangir district. The mission of the organization is integrated development of the poor and marginalized section of the society. To overcome the emerging issues like poverty, drought and chronic hunger of the district some youths and victimized group came to the front and formed an organization i.e. Janamukti Anusthan. It’s a membership-based organization. More than 10000 members directly associated with the organization. The core focus of JMA has been checking distress migration in socio economically vulnerable blocks under Bolangir district,

Key Objectives


Poverty Eradication

Assist the people of this area particularly to the weaker section for their socio, political and economic upliftment.

Livelihood Enhancement

Worked for the development of the most marginalized section building relation with Government and Non-Government agencies to improve their livelihood.

Employment Generation

Employment Generation for reducing distress migration.


It is an incredible platform to upgrade one's interest in the field of social service. It has significantly helped me polish my skills working with less privileged people. Not only it has helped me personally in my personal growth, but it has also helped me recognize the ability in changing people's life. As far as the working environment is concerned, I believe we have a prodigious team and it is a blessing to be part of this team.

Ashish SA Accountant, Janamukti Anusthan

I am associated with this society since May 2022 and it feels like home connecting with the team. I am helping the organization to move to cashless by automating the complete payroll and compliance process. The team is very supportive and it is doing awesome service on the social side of the world.

Sailesh Arya Cloudare Technologies, Kantabanji

After having the opportunity to work with the Janamukti Team and Mr. Bhajaram Ji, I would like to express what a great job they are doing. From the orphanage to the mid-day meals to the old age persons, the team is definitely a blessing for the people of Kurnool. I wish the team all the best and success in their future endeavors.

Rajiv Nair Activist, Bhubaneswar